I know I haven't posted in a LONG time, but here goes! I saw the weirdest sweater at Macy's yesterday. I wish I took a pic 4 u guys, but it had 4 arm holes, the top connected with thread to the bottom sleeves! It looked so ridiculous, and the price tag was even more rediculous! IT WAS $134.79!! Crazy for an alien sweater if you ask me! Oh well, I hope someone special buys it!!!


Okay. This is really random, but I was bored and thought I would post an item that's really cool and random at the same time!

These awesome band-aids are from fredflare.com. Aren't these cute?


Sorry my last post didn't go through, I couldn't get it to change fonts!! Oh well. What I was trying to say was that this crazy lady was randomly handing out juice at my library. I was playing on the computer with my little sis when this crazy lady comes up to me asking me if I want any juice. I politely say no, but then she comes back 10 minutes later. I'm like, "Lady, I don't want any juice". She goes away for a bit and then comes back with a cookie asking me if I want a cookie or any juice. Then I just took the elevator so she couldn't follow me, checked out with my sister, and left. Isn't that strange? I'm afraid of that lady!!

Randomly yours,



रंदोम Library

थिस इस रेअल्ली रंदोम, बुत थिस इस माय रंदोम ब्लॉग राईट? ओके, सो I'म अत माय लाइब्रेरी राईट नो, एंड रेअल्ली क्रीपेद आउट बी थिस लेडी व्हो इस थे लिब्ररियन। शे कीप्स अस्किंग में इफ इ वांट एनी जूस, बुत इ कीप सयिंग नो। बुत शे कीप्स किंग back सयिंग" वुड यू केयर फॉर सम जूस?" एंड इ'म लिखे, "नो!!!!" शे जुस्त doesn'टी गेट आईटी!
ठाट'स आईटी। जुस्त थौघ्त इ वुड तेल यू गुयस।


Funky things from Fred Flare.com

This is the Yellow school bus tote bag from Fredflare.com for $34.

These are the self adhesive mustaches from Fred Flare.com for $10.